Japanese home page and a little Oz news... (was Re: hip hop)

Dino! (de_prenc@postoffice.utas.edu.au)
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 14:58:28 +1000

>PS - The Japanese Hip Hop Home Page is now under serious production!
>In our first issue we are planning a feature a special on DJ Krush
>including an original interview (with photos by yours truly) covering
>rare works and his third album "MEISO" (speaking of fine Hip Hop albums)
>(magazine folks who are interested in publishing this, please contact me),
>a complete Krush discography, a Krush chart for this month and all-time,
>sound clips of rare tracks and a video clip from "Only The Strong Survive"
>which features CL Smooth. As a sub-feature we will include a short
>interview with Rhymester, a Japanese group who just completed mastering
>on a track mixed with the Beatnuts for an EP to be released soon. Stay
>tuned for more info.

Wow! What can I say Ben..... you and the lads in the Japan have come
correct! ('s kinda funny as I was gonna post the list shortly for a Krush
discography, having recently picked up "Strictly Turntabalised".
[YAY!!!!]) Now if only me and the Oz lads can get our shit together and
launch the Oz hip-hop page (it's in the works....) Additionally, on a
similar "self-promotion" note, anyone in Australia who wants to check out
some quality Australian hip-hop *must* pick up the new Easybass tape (full
album length,) entitled "Space Program 1996". If you can't track it down,
drop me a line and i'll put you in touch with the right people. This tape
is nothing short of phat, with innovative production and distinctive
rhyming. These guys have definelty matured since their first E.P. release
(where many dubbed them "Blackalicious biters",) into a force on their own
right. I cannot recommend this tape enough and it my opinion it is
probably the first Oz hip-hop release that i've heard, that could actively
compete on an international level. Now if only someone *big* would notice
them and elevate them to an international level.... We can only dream!