No Commercial Posts Please (was Re: Who I Am.)

Nicolas Bamberski (
Thu, 24 Aug 95 09:42:55 CDT

At 04:30 AM 8/24/95 -0400, wrote:
> Improviser, composer, arranger, and teacher, Rich Corpolongo began playing
>at the age of eleven. He now performs on all the saxophones, flutes,
>clarinets, and piano.
> He has performed with: Joe Daley, Eddie Harris, Herbie Hancock,
>Barrett Deems, Gary Burton, Terry Gibbs, Oliver Nelson, Ira Sullivan, Louie
>Bellson, Joe Morello, Mel Lewis, Paul Wertico, Doc Serversen and many others.

Although his resume is pretty impressive, Rich still has one thing to learn
in life... netiquette. But then again, Rich is an AOL customer and AOL is
definitely not the organization that will teach him anything about
netiquette, so he is forgiven.

Welcome to the list Rich, we are probably all honored to have a member like
you within our group. Just one think though: posts of a commercial (for
profit) nature are not tolerated on most internet lists, including this one.
A way to get around that is to build yourself a little potential customer
list by asking "who would be interested in this kind of books? send me your
e-mail address".

peace & understanding,

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