Re: Gordonīs dislike of Jazzmatazz Vol.1
Fri, 25 Aug 95 21:08 GMT

>The latest Jazzmatazz, which was being discussed earlier on the list,
>finally found its way to my PO Box. I wouldn't call this groundbreaking or
>all that innovative, nor would I even venture to say that about the first
>Jazzmatazz (can somebody please explain to me why people seem to think that
>album was so good?), but this one is at least a little bit more musically
>developed. The best tracks in my opinion are all the little interludes with
>the Solsonics, the music just sounds good. The Chaka Khan track is nice,
>the Donald Byrd track "Traveler" or something like that is pretty good too,
>nice muted trumpet playing, and a solo too! (golly!) The Jamiroquai track
>sucks (again, this is just my opinion), all J.K. does is sing "la la la" in
>the background a few times. It has that Jamiroquai sound to it, but in the
>end, so what?