Re: Not a promoter: a personal introduction...

Ashwin Tumne (
Mon, 28 Aug 1995 11:21:07 -0400

> as for mr. fogcity's post re: the allstars' show, if he is affiliated
> with any company other than 'greyboy records', his reccomendation should
> carry even greater weight. after all, though we'd like to see everyone

Isn't Fogcity the company that designs the graphics for Ubiquity Records?
Fogcity Graphics - check the back cover of all those Jazz Dance V. 1-4
albums. I think it's kool to have people on this list who are associated
with the bands we listen too. I would welcome all reviews even if it is
from those who are deep inside the biz. Even if a review is posted that
is just pure hype, if someone who bought the CD, saw the show, interviewed
the band thought otherwise, they could just as equally retort and refute
the hype (eg. Jazzamatazz II) - and that alone should put any record label
watching this list on its toes when posting further reviews.

Unfortunately, I have yet to see a live show by Greyboy and his Allstars.
Maybe the people connected to the band on this list can persuade them to
swing to the east coast with a few stops in Toronto. I have yet to be
dissapointed with a release from Ubiquity - they are a label that has so far
earned my trust, just like my eye doctor, CYCLEPATH, the guy at JUST FOR THE
RECORD, my father's gourmet wizardry, and our T.V. repairman Rocco.