Pure Sand DEMOs

Ben List (ben@eugine.ludens.co.jp)
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 16:15:55 +0900

I'm glad to hear that some of you have gotten the demos for "Tuttle
& Dynamo Laboratory" and "World Famous" that I mentioned previously
on the list. I'll take this opportunity to reexplain my relationship
with this label, the purposes behind their desire to distribute demos
overseas, and the process for that distribution.

My relationship is minimal. I design "Knob," a free paper for this
label which some of you know better as "Chance Records" or "Typhoon
Records" and some of you know them for their "Jazz Hip Jap" series and
"Krush" back in 1993. They've been doing some major label "pop music"
projects lately, and recently got back into the idea of stunning the
Earth of producing some of the illest jazz I've heard in a while.

They, being aware of my relationship with this mailing list, and
their apparent desire to find distribution for these artists
overseas, asked me to accumulate a list of club & radio DJs,
distributors and labels, and publications for the purpose of
distributing demos. I was glad to help, particularly since I like
the product so much, and frankly I wouldn't mind getting a finders fee
out of this if something works out.

As you are all aware, I posted a message a couple weeks ago requesting
interested parties to supply names, addresses, and a description of their
affiliations for the purpose of creating such a list, which I, in turn
passed on to the label. They in turn asked me who I thought should
_definitely_ receive demos. I checked the names of folks I am familiar
with on the list, and the names of those who looked like they might be
helpful in achieving the goals intended through the distribution of those
demos. They, at the record company, also checked a further number of names.
The checked list was then reaccumulated and demos were apparently sent.
Those who have not received copies, my apologies. Since this distribution
was intended more for business purposes, than samaritanism not everyone will
have received their own copies. Those people who requested copies and did
not supply any affiliation info are particularly likely to have been left
out. Those who have still not applied, or applied once without mention of
their affiliations are still welcome to supply their info.

The music is HYPE. The guy mixing this stuff is a talent of major
proportions, and I advise y'all to get on the boat now. I look forward
to hearing feedback from those of you who've heard the stuff, it _will_
get passed on to the record company.

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