Re: Promo disc and Stuff

Tim G. Wagner (
Wed, 30 Aug 1995 19:27:08 -0400

Hey, my two cents--

1) I think there is nothing wrong with what Ben List did. There is NO other
way for him to have gotten in touch with all of us on the list then posting
to the list. I think people on the list should realize how much money it
takes for an independent label to do something like what they offered to do
through Ben. They had to decide between people otherwise it would cost too
much money. Ben was very straightforward about this in the original post.

2)Some people out there might not have received copies, yet. I didn't,
maybe I won't. But I don't want that to stop people from offering things
like this.

3) On The One is a good Magazine. They have grown a lot over the last year
and have become one of my favorites. BUT I learn more about new music on
this list than in any magazine. I don't see these super powers that On the
One is supposed to have BUT they do have great interviews.

4) Does anyone remember the name of the magazine that came out at the same
time as On The One? It had roughly the same format, being based on Straight
No Chaser. I think it was an East Coast phenomenon. I saw one issue and
never heard a word from it again.

5)Bambi wrote:
>The list is what we make it. I've been on it for a
couple of years now and it's still my favorite list. But it goes by phases.
This summer has been pretty terrible I admit in the domain of
quality/quantity ratio, but this WILL change.

Has the list been that bad for everyone lately? If it's been this way all
summer, It's been this way the entire time I've been on the list.
Almost a year and a half.

The Is Hip-Hop Dead? and Why I Hate Jamiroquai? threads are very
reminescent of the Why I like Galliano? and Why Jungle Sucks- threads that
I had to also suffer through.

People discussing what is on their minds can be very enlightening. I
learned a lot during that thread. And when I went too far off the subject,
I took my discussion off the list.

I don't know.


Tim From Buffalo