Re: Promo disc and Stuff

William Jon Curtis (
30 Aug 95 23:05:48 EDT

Tim beat me to the punch when he said:

"I think there is nothing wrong with what Ben List did. There is NO other way
for him to have gotten in touch with all of us on the list then posting to the
list. I think people on the list should realize how much money it takes for an
independent label to do something like what they offered to do through Ben. They
had to decide between people otherwise it would cost too much money. Ben was
very straightforward about this in the original post."

You may remember I did something similar for Eighth Dimension a month ago,
soliciting names of DJs, stores, and such for the promo mailing list. And guess
what- none of you got any promos! This is simply because the cost of the
upcoming Mixed Emotions LP has made us very poor as a label, and we won't be
seeing any revenue for at least a month or two. Did I do anything wrong? I doubt
it... I still have the mailing list and someday some of you probably will get
promos. And I think I have the right to be selective judging from the responses
on who gets what. A promo mail out costs me a ton of cash, and costs you
nothing. It seems a bit selfish to complain about not receiving something that
is 'free' to you, but costs the sender cash (especially shipping it all the way
from Japan... jeez!). Just my thoughts.

Also, as far as the list goes, the 'solicitations' have not been out of hand in
my opinion (except for the jazz book guy, okay). They are, as always, very
informative, and I'm sure welcome by the majority of the information craving
list subscribers. One trend that annoys me that followed that thread is now
whenever someone wants to give an endorsement to something they start it with "I
am in no way associated with it". What does it really matter? Please, everyone,
lighten up!

Okay- onto the juice and some things that pertain to this list-
1) Luke Vibert release on Mo Wax... check the inside track (#3) on the second
side... one of the best experimental 'electronic jazz' pieces I've heard in a
2) Just got a mailing from the new Pho Records... 3 CDs going into the vaults of
Muse, presenting tracks from Grant Green, Groove Holmes, Willis Jackson, Carlos
Garnett, many more. Extremely funky, totally good.
3) Also diggin this new Island distributed label called Quango. It comes from
the ashes of Planet Earth Records, and their first two releases will be a Pork
Records (Fila Brazillia) compilation and Journey Into Ambient Groove 2. Both are
stunningly top notch collections, but I doubt we'll see vinyl on these.
4) The Orlando scene is moving on- Phat N Jazzy will be doing its last night at
downtown's Barabarella this Tuesday. However, it will be moving two doors down
the block to the Sapphire Supper Club, an Orlando club with a long history of
jazz culture in Orlando (used to be called the Blue Note and Downtown Jazz &
Blues Club in different times). The night will still be on Tuesdays, and due to
the nature of the club, the night will be more intimate, will include more live
acts and musicians playing with the DJ, and will definitely have an all around
jazzier feel. Residents are still DJ BMF, Slack, and myself. (I'll also be doing
Friday night "Q-Burn's Abstract Message" sessions at Barbarella, so check that
also if you're in town)

Peace to all ya, and hang in there...

Michael Donaldson