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Thu, 31 Aug 1995 01:09:22 -0800


I think in general, people have been pretty straight with posting
information and opinions (including Ben, Mike V, Teresa). The advertising
dumps on the list a while back were crazy but did not go unchecked. Of
course people are opinionated - some of the best messages come from those
with passion about their flavor in music. This list is populated by some
heads with interesting affiliations - I believe people should be able to
speak about his/her business or whatever as long as it contributes to the
dialog we have here (nobody really cares for wholly self-serving schemes).
Aren't we here to share information? I hope the list just doesn't grow up
into an intimidating, experts-only, politicized, junk mailer. That would be
a shame, and a step in the wrong direction.

Hip hop and "acid jazz" (however you describe it) are linked and do
overlap. And I think samplers are an integral part of the acid jazz realm.
To you naysayers that don't get it, OK - just your loss. (You list veterans
have heard me say this lots of times before, sorry.)

I have a tape of some rough mixes of two new songs by Cleveland Lounge
(friends o'mine) with their new singer Zoe (from the Mo'Fessionals) that
are very very nice nice! You've heard them on a few Moonshine compilations,
but not quite like this. Keep your ears open.

I think Barry Manilow has got some moments that can be freaked by just the
right remixers/remakers. (I suspect Grand Royal is just getting some
mileage for Mo'Wax out of that ad. You think Swifty would come like that?
Please!) But damn, if nobody on Mo'Wax does it, I might just...

Gerry "always plugging something" V

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