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Ben List (
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 17:14:09 +0900

>At 8:33 AM 95.8.30 -0500, Steve Sando wrote:
Jonathon Hurwitz wrote:

>>>As you are all aware, I posted a message a couple weeks ago requesting
>>>interested parties to supply names, addresses, and a description of their
>>>affiliations for the purpose of creating such a list, which I, in turn
>>>passed on to the label. They in turn asked me who I thought should
>>>_definitely_ receive demos.

>>I couldn't care less about your crappy little demo but as a business
>>practice, you and your record company have a lot to learn. You invited me to
>>the party!

>>Rather than tie up email with this scam, you should have been
>>doing your own research. Asking to submit and a request and then deciding if
>>I'm worthy is really pretty offensive, certainely much more than a straight
>>foward promo or a request to find out what AJ events are in Cleveland this

You know... frankly I don't think offering Pure Sand's "crappy little"
demos on the AJ-List is particularly out of line. I asked people who
"wouldn't mind" receiving copies to send me their info and then proceeded
to make no guarantees. If you feel left out of the "party," I apologize
for a lack of understanding on my part, as I think I stated, it wasn't
until the list was created that they asked me to help "narrow it down,"
and hence some folks out there may not have received copies. It is
nothing personal.

Incidentally, some folks are now bringing up the issue of whether a
"demarkation" on "commercial" posts is necessary or not. As I understand
it, the implication here is that I am directly connected with Pure
Sand. I'm not sure that it matters, but I made it clear that I am not,
other than the fact that they are a client for my freelance graphic
design services (some of you have seen "Knob" and the "Big Knob Visuals"
by now). Even if such a system was in place, I don't consider myself
in a position to personally benefit "commercially" from this act, so
I wouldn't have used this "($)" in any case.

>>>and frankly I wouldn't mind getting a finders fee
>>>out of this if something works out.

>I must agree with Steve on this one. I replied myself and regardless of if
>I recieve the demo, I think this is a pretty awful thing to do, and not
>very nice. Plus you mention that you are using the list for a profit!:

When did I "mention that I was 'using the list for profit?'" If anything,
I'm guilty of being too frank about "not minding a finders fee should
something work out." I've been selflessly contributing information,
hooking up individuals with Japanese records, magazines, CDs and mix tapes,
translating articles from Japanese and doing my share of contribution to
this list for years now. In my mind, hooking folks I know up with demos
for music I sincerely think is decent stuff, and very worthy of overseas
attention, is ultimately just an extention of this.

Would I be unhappy if I got some credit for this and my acquaintance
KimuraSan got overseas distribution? Fuck no! Who would??? Do I
have expectations of this? Fuck no! Hence, please read this as low
expectation act of samaritanism on my part. Y'all who got left out...
sorry, as far as I know, this little mailing cost around $8 US for the
cost of tapes and shipping for Pure Sand. Anyone who got left out and
is interested, I'll be more than glad to send cassette or MD copies of
the material at my own expense. Are we, or are we not, a community?
(props to Bambi, Vince and others for the same)

Just a little ticked,

PS - "ELE-BUGI - Japanese Hip Hop Online Journal" goes online on
"" at the end of September. We've got an alarmingly
good staff together from industry writers to artists themselves. We've
got a bunch of stuff planned too from features on local talent, graf artists,
video producers and issues from sample clearance and AJ artists will all be
featured over the coming months. We want to make it a colorful and
fascinating site and welcome your input. I am particularly interested in
finding a couple people who wouldn't mind helping to edit the English
translations put together by a couple people on our translation staff.
Preps are underway now but the Krush interview we were hoping to get
scheduled by Sept. 1 has now been pushed back to the 11th. Those folks with
magazine affiliations who enquired about publishing the interview I'm
having to put on hold until we have something to offer. We've got a
number of interesting projects and possibilities in the wings and are
all very hyped about this. Definitely check us out!!

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