Music Seminar Tokyo '95 IRC CHAT SESSION

Robert Jordan (
Thu, 31 Aug 95 19:08:15 JST

dam i got the time difference wrong, so here's a corrected announcement.
we'll start at

====> friday, 12 midnight california time,
====> saturday, 3am new york time.

to those who asked, i'll be providing a transcript in english of the
discussion in the weeks following the seminar. i'll also be doing as
much real-time translation/posting of answers to your questions as i
can handle during the event.
big up to ben for getting pure sand's next shit out there months before
it's going to be released. the more people who hear khimura's studio magic
the better.
see y'all in a coupla days!

> hey-
> as a part of the music seminar tokyo '95 being held at laforet musuem
> in harajuku this weekend, most of the big name tokyo club-music creators
> will be participating in an open question and answer session for a few
> hours saturday evening. ufo's yabe-san decided to take the question and
> answer thing worldwide and have a irc session open the whole time,
> allowing _you_, anybody, to interview ufo, krush, mondo grosso, monday
> michiru, kyoto jazz massive...
> i just got back to tokyo from a month in the himalayas, with less than
> a week 'till the seminar--would have liked to have had a little more
> notice!
> i'll start the irc session saturday 9/2 16:00 tokyo time, which is
> saturday 9/2 0:00 (am) california time
> saturday 9/2 3:00 (am) new york time.
> i'll open a channel called "tokyo_music_seminar", or "tokyo".
> PLEASE everybody come by and say hi!
> here's the schedule for the day: (tokyo time)
> music seminar tokyo '95
> 9/2 - vol.2 - tokyo night club scene 10 years after
> 16:15 TALK 1 - united future organization
> 17:30 TALK 2 - united future organization + kyoto jazz massive
> 18:45 TALK 3 - UFO + kyoto jazz massive + DJ KRUSH
> 19:15 TALK 4 - UFO + kyoto jazz massive + DJ KRUSH + a music lawyer
> "talkin' bout sampling"
> 20:00 TALK 5 - UFO + kyoto jazz massive + DJ KRUSH + monday michiru
> + mondo grosso
> inbetween each talk session, there'll be quick live sets and videos.
> i'll keep the channel open from 16:00 till 21:00, drop by any time
> with any questions or comments. the mac i'll be on will be hooked
> up to a projector for the whole hall to see--spread this note far
> and wide and come by and make this thing interesting.
> anybody who can't be on irc in real time, feel free to send questions/comments
> to me personally, i'll be checking my mail and flooring those questions too.
> let's get together and talk about what brought tokyo from an almost non-
> existant copy-cat scene 10 years ago to actually having an original
> and fresh output of ideas and sounds. what did they do right, what do we
> do now?
> see you saturday.
> -r
> robert jordan