Erik Boralv (erikb@CMD.UU.SE)
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 17:22:58 +0200

As the now rather infected debate of commercialism on the mailing list
is growing I have to say something. I've got mails from people that
are getting concerned.

I don't blame anyone in any way, but please, when you post about
"related" companies of yours, keep it informational rather than
promotional... I mean, it ok to make the products known (no doubt,
this is one of the purposes of the list), but not to state direct
opinions of the quality (if you somehow are connected to the
product/company/bla bla). Let the posts contribute to the dialog! I
think GerryV stated it nicely:

>with passion about their flavor in music. This list is populated by some
>heads with interesting affiliations - I believe people should be able to
>speak about his/her business or whatever as long as it contributes to the
>dialog we have here (nobody really cares for wholly self-serving schemes).

I think that e.g. Ben List and Teresa has shown the proper way to do
it - they contribute a lot to the list and keep their stuff on a
purely informational level. Of course, between the lines we all see
that they like the stuff the are posting about - so what?

This kind of a debate (as with the neverending "is hip-hop
acid-jazz/music?" posts that occur in absolutely *all* internet lists
and groups) is getting too big and out of the context. No, hip-hop is
not acid-jazz but the opposite may be the case... ;-)

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Cheers, and peace,
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