Gen M. Kanai (
31 Aug 95 12:58:46 EDT

Hi folks,

I'm new here and just wanted to say hello.

First off, I should mention that I found the web site and was AMAZED at the
resources! Wow, you guys are really organized!

Secondly, I'll mention that I lost my CD collection at the beginning of the
summer - over 100CDs, over a third of them my entire AJ collection :(

Its only material goods, but it'll take a while to replace everything and I've
been in withdrawl ever since.

The one cool thing that happened today is that my mom just got back from Japan
and FedExed me a new UFO CD she found for me, remixes of Stolen Moments and

Once I get access to my stereo, I'd be more than happy to make copies if people
are willing to send tapes and SASE mailers- or is that bad etiquette?

Anyway, I'm really glad I found this group and am hoping to have a mind
expanding experience.

Peace, love and music,

Gen Kanai

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To: acid-jazz@UCSD.EDU
From: Nicolas Bamberski <>
Subject: little crappy demo? NOT! (PureSand LP002 review)

I guess I was fortunate enough to receive two demo-tapes of PureSand LP001
and LP002, and they are excellent, really! I had only time last nite to
review the LP002 demo, World Famous' "Live To Light Again" and I love it! I
kinda was expecting something very experimental and almost useless dj-wise
(that's what a lot of things I get from Japan is like, and I'm not saying
it's bad!), but instead I got something that, while being very experimental
and innovative, as beats steady enough to fuck with badly. The tracks are:

World Famous' "Live To Light Again" track listing:

1) LET'S GET HEART. 7'12"
a phat hip-hop beat with an excellent live electric guitar (the credits say
it's Hiroshi Yamashita on accoustic guitar, but it sounds pretty electric to
me) and angelic chorus on top of that. Very nice

great bass-line, style kind of similar to the Rockers Hi-Fi's "What a life"
with the added famous japanese complexity :) Good overall.

3) JUST US. 3'38"
layed-back, japanese-gardens-music (if there's such a thing) with sample
armonicas thrown on top of that. Very different and very nice. I kept
expecting some bird noises to pop up, but none did :) I just wish the track
was longer.

4) BETTER END. 3'59"
R&B japanese style. didn't do it for me.

5) BEAT ME. 2'30"
My favorite on the demo, too bad it's that short. Basically it's an
excellent agressive hip-hop beat with industrial guitar noises on top (very
noisy electrostatic feeling, great) and female singer Mica rapping thru some
sort of voice harmonizer, in english. The Nasty Angels in the background
chorus add a nice effect to all that, so does Moog Yamamoto's on the turntables.

the finale is a down-tempo, extremely relaxing and fairly complex ambient tune.

All in all, I'm pretty impressed with the production of this demo. It just
frustrates me that independent japanese labels don't make it here more
often, and when, by luck you find a copy, costs you $40 :(
For those of you in Chicago, I'll play the tape tomorrow nite at the Shelter
around 11:30pm, right before I start my set. e-mail me to get on the guest list.

As far as ben list comment about us being a community, that's the way I see
it too. if anyone wants a copy of the demo, email me and we can arrange

BEN: is there a mail-order store in japan that will ship to US and accept
credit card? over the phone? over the internet? it frustrates me to read
your reviews and know I'll never get those records! thanks. and if I had a
mantlepiece, Knob WOULD look nice on it :) do you have an english
translation of those articles?

dj bambi - chicago
[Forever Souled @ the Shelter every friday nite]
[S.A.F.E @ Artful Dodgers every sunday night]
[Chill @ Home every other night]