if it's worth anything...

Thu, 31 Aug 1995 14:24:00 -0400

..here's my 0.02 about the "commercialization" thread.

I absolutely enjoy this list - like someone said awhile back:
"you people owe me alot of money" <g>...no more than 2 or 3
days can go by without me adding to my *need* list - I LOVE IT.
The DJ's and industry people who contribute to this list are
providing me a service (for lack of a better word), and right now
I'd like to say: THANKS!
Promos, give-aways, show listings - these are all great things to
find out about here, but when people start selling stuff there are
those out there who do not approve, and I can see their point.
BUT (not a BIG but, but kinda ;-> ), the Internet is already
turning towards commercial sites as an added selling point for
a varying amount of businesses, and the marketing aspect makes sense.

Our gracious list manager (Erik) has laid down good guidelines...
So keep on keepin' on...
Keep sending those reviews...
Keep adding those samples to your web pages...
I get SOOOOO much out of this list, it amazing !

Thanks to all again,