Ordering Japanese Stuff (was Re: little crappy demo? NOT!)

Ben List (ben@eugine.ludens.co.jp)
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 03:34:34 +0900

At 0:00 PM 95.8.31 -0500, Nicolas Bamberski wrote:
>4) BETTER END. 3'59"
>R&B japanese style. didn't do it for me.
Got it, but check that DOPE Jack Nicholson sample!! (what movie was that

>BEN: is there a mail-order store in japan that will ship to US and accept
>credit card? over the phone? over the internet? it frustrates me to read
>your reviews and know I'll never get those records! thanks.

AVPlust One:

You can order Japanese music through the internet via SasakiSan
at "AVPlus One." I've heard nothing but positive stuff about
their services, except that when he has lots of orders, that
he may be very slow in answering initial inquiries. He apparently
charges reasonably, i.e. retail cost plus shipping, period. So
there shouldn't be any overhead on any of it, but be prepared to be
victimized somewhat by the pricy yen (recently its gone back to
somewhat reasonable levels, but next month???).

The process was like this:
- email a note to him supplying the artist, title and catalog number
for the album and state that you'd like to make an order.
- he'll email a quote and ask you to supply a credit card number
and shipping info
- you supply CC# and address by email
- if the stuff is on hand, he'll send it right away. You should
get it within a few days with a CC slip to be signed and returned
(trust system)
You will probably want to confirm the shipment time as I may have
remembered incorrectly. Also since I've not used the service myself,
I can't guarantee much about it, other than "reports have been good."
(Martin or Howard> Hows it?)

Incidentally, all my reviews are for CDs. As such, catalog numbers
and prices (usually a bit more expensive than CDs due to low volume)
are likely to differ. Also, vinyl is pretty hard to come by in most
cases. Don't be surprised if you are told that what you are inquiring
about is unavailable on vinyl. SasakiSan will help you search, though,
and the CD catalog number will come in handy here.

>mantlepiece, Knob WOULD look nice on it :) do you have an english
>translation of those articles?
Thanks for the comments! (Even with that as a portfolio piece, we
still have trouble finding design work in town... tough... tough...)
Sorry, no translations... despite recent furvent posting, I really don't
have the time to "commit" to the task. Apologies.

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