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Zender is bad. Especially bad considering he is young and white. "Mr.
Moon" is a awesome track. As an employee of Sony Music(which owns
Work...Jamiroquai's current label) I was pretty pissed that they stopped
actively promoting this album. "Mr. Moon" with the right mix could have
been a huge club hit and in my opion even made it to Top40. Oh well, such
decisions are made by the extremely unhip 6 and 7 figure executives.
Howsabout Paul Jackson from Herbie Hancock's HEADHUNTERS fame? My
favorite bass player for a long time has been Bernard Edwards from Chic.
This guy has talent to burn. His bass lines have already worked their way
into our permanent musical vocabulary...the Sugarhill Gangs "Rappers
Delight" was all Edwards' "Good Times" bass line. His playing was
superb...tight, ranged from simple to complex, and always so damn catchy it
sticks in your head and rattles around long after you forget about the song
itself. There are a lot of technically competent bass players out there but
few have Edwards' pop sensibility. Check out "I Want Your Love" from C'est
Chic for a simple but ingenious, tighter than tight, wonderfully poppy line.
Want to be blown away with fast chops? Check out "Happy Man" from the same
album. I believe he even did a solo album that is out of print now although
I may be mistaken. Chic, in my opinion, defined and redefined the disco
sound. Yes, they were pretty much a studio band but damn they made some
good records.

Incidentally, I get the list but my friend signed me up and I am unsure as
to what address I send to to get this on the list. If you could, forward
this to the list and reply with the address of the list. thanksafunkybunch

>It is my understanding that Jamiroquai is a band, not an individual. Is
>not the case? I belive the singers name is Jay and although he may the
>creative force behind the band I dont think it is named after him.
>On a side note, it is my opinion that Stuard Zender, the bass player for
>Jamiroquai is the baddest motherfucker on this scene right now. Anybody
>opinions on great bass players past and present?