Re: Another Bass Player

Elson Trinidad (
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 12:29:56 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 27 Mar 1996, sujay jayaram wrote:

> There are some really cool new players too - there's Jonathon Maron
> from the Groove Collective (who also played on the Raw Stylus album)
> and the bass player from Repercussions is great too (although I can't
> remember his name!)

Maybe the reason why you can't remember his name is because he IS Jon
Maron, the same cat from GC. :) All the rhythm players from GC are in
Repercussions as well.

> My favourite has got to be Me'Shell though. I read in an interview
> that she calls herself just a 'Meat and Potatoes bass player' which
> is some understatement. I just don't know why 'Plantation Lullabies'
> has been slept on over here in England.

Here in America too. She didn't become an (almost) household name until
the John Cougar Mellencamp tune...

And she plays a Gibson Les Paul bass. An extremely rare axe (only a
couple hundred made).

> There are some really good players on
the London scene right now;
> Anthony Tidd from Quite Sane (and producer of the 'Roots') is scary to
> watch, and my drummer's boyfriend, Mike Mondesir (bass for Lenny White
> and Billy Cobham) is mad!!

I don't know what it is about London that creates so many great bassists.
both BNH's Levy and Zender from Jamiroquai are from the west end (Ealing),
and even the Solsonics bassist (you have to see this guy groove on his
Musicman Stingrays or, nowadays, his '69 Fender Jazz Bass) Jez
Colin originally came from the shores of the Thames before he came to the
shores of the Pacific. Even when I went to London and jammed at the Blue
Note last May, there was this mean-ass bassist who sat in and found
himself sitting in for the rest of the night (the house bassist just
played sax instead) slaughtering us all with his weapon of groove.
(Remember that guy, Simon? :))

Elson Trinidad, Los Angeles, CA
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