Re: Q: Nearly God / Tricky

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Mon, 04 Nov 1996 18:22:37 -0500

everyone but chris:
> Has anyone heard Tricky's new project "Nearly God?" What's it like?
> Also, does he have any albums previous to Maxenqui? (sp) I know he
> was in a hiphop group when he was younger. Does anyone know about
> them?

hmm... well Nearly God is of course Tricky as you said... Strange though.
After the release of Maxin... he said he was tired of all the slow stuff
and liked the upbeat things better. And yet he released Nearly God wich is
about as slow as it can get. Well, IMO it isnt so brilliant, but still
fun to hear the "guests" such as Alison Moyet, Terry Hall, Neneh Cherry
and Bjork. Well, if you like Trickys slow stuff its probably a good buy,
otherwise... leave it. But if you like the slow stuff you should also
look into the latest release (of my knowledge) wich is called Grassroots
(under the name Tricky).

About earlier stuff, hmm... dont think he ever released any solo stuff no.
Apart from the collaboration on Massive Attacks Blue Line and Protection
I dont think he released anything before going solo... not sure though.
But, for fun, see if you can find the Terry Hall ep:s Rainbow. There are
two of them, and on each there is a live version of the Special classic
Ghost Town with Tricky as co singer/rapper... Really fucked up version :)

Spinning today:
Various:The Wigan Casion Story vol3 - excellent collection of the best
northern soul around. Especially the total killer original Tainted Love
by Gloria Jones.
Various:Kruder&Dorfmeister Dj-Kicks - havent grown tired of this yet, wich
is strange since Im usually bored after 2-3 listens... well... great stuff..
great dj:s... great album :)

Friday night stockholm:Tom & Ed (Chem.Bros) along with Martin Kelly
(Heavenly) and Tim Burgess (Charlatans) are here for a DJ-session.
Especially awaiting the "secret" small-club gig on thirsday night :)
Will probably be as good as ever :)