Re: song id

dj bambi (
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 21:52:22 -0800

Jason Brancazio wrote:
> It's a 95-100 bpm breakbeat oriented song (not jungle though), with long
>synth/string pads and a good synth bassline. Fairly basic. However,
>there's this bit in the middle that has this HUGE beat, sorta like shadow's
>on part one of w.d.y.s.l.l?, or like the second part of duality, and the
>most identifying piece of the song - some DJ scratching in two words:
>'caught' and 'competition'.
> If I can find out info on this one that would be a blessing.

Strata3 "This Is (Not) a Man's World" on Bush Records. Killer track from
a couple of years back, on a single sided blue 12"
There's a smoother remix of this track on a newer Strata3 double-12"
on Bush too.
If you're into that kind of scratchy old-school sounding tr*p-h*p, also
check out older Mr Scruff stuff.


ps: sorry still haven't reviewed your 'Pleaser' tape yet, but I have a
of shit going on right now. will get to it soon.