RE: mo-price-on-wax?

Luke Smith (
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 13:59:51 -0000

In Ireland they cost IR=A324.99(per double cd) this seems excessive.

Mo Wax are trend setters and this is a standard setting compilation,
let's just hope this isn't a new standard in price.

While on the issue, can anyone recommend a good source for music=20
purchases on the web. Is it really too much bother (taxes, shipping, =


From: Pirkka Hartikainen[]
Sent: 06 November 1996 13:37
To: acid-jazz@UCSD.EDU
Subject: mo-price-on-wax?

just saw those headz2 boxes in the shop last night, and I must admit i =
blown away .. by the pricing.

both parts with 4 vinyls each cost 249 FIM, while price of all 12" in =
store is 49FIM, and 2xLP usually 99FIM, 3xLP usually 119FIM.

IMO, when you buy more stuff at once the price per vinyl should =
not go up, as you have less choice over the particular tracks you're
getting. The whole HEADZ2 (both parts) costs here whopping 498FIM that =
(according to currency converter) exactly 66.62 quid... (to
those into numerology ;))

how much does HEADZ2 cost in the UK?

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