Carl Cranstone (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 02:11:25 +1030

Just taking a moment out from listening to the LAMB cd to let you all know
this one is hot. If you have Rebirth of Cool 6, you'll know the track
"Cotton Wool". The whole album is excellent. It has quite a mix of
styles. One track sounds like a violin or something, another has a jazzy
sound & there's plenty of grooves, jungle beats & lots more all thrown in.
Excellent CD! I'd say fans of the Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky
style will really dig LAMB - there's similarities in there although I'd say
LAMB take it a bit further & go in more directions. Also, the Alex Reece
fans will love it.

Other cool stuff:

Bobby Matos and his Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble "Footprints"
on the Ubiquity Cu-Bop label. This one is true to the afro-cuban sound & I
can recommend it
very highly.

...and off topic..
Kronos Quartet "Howl, U.S.A.". Performance poetry! Hear Allan Ginsberg
recite "Howl" whilst the quartet performs along side. Coool. Also features
"Sing Sing" by J Edgar Hoover (!) and "Eight hitchhikers inscriptions from
a highway railing at Barstow, CA".