wilcox debate

tyler askew (ta6256a@american.edu)
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 12:37:48 +0000

what about gilles p..? if i am not wrong, i think ben wilcox has been a
main player in Talkin Loud for the past few years...
maybe he does have a great advantage recieving promos and plates, but
he had to work to get to that point...people don't just hand him free
shit...i think he is proving that he wants to do positive for the scene,
and his new label Sirkus is going to do just that...


I'm going to get myself into trouble now, but what the hell...
We have one man to thank for the rise & rise of Ben Wilcox, and that
man is James Lavelle. The man *pioneered* the "30 incomprehensible words
on the latest promos in my bag" review style for SNC - in fact he was
_worse_ than Wilcox for telling you anything useful about a record,
even once you'd tranlated the review into English. Given such a low
standard of reviewing, any idiot could have filled the gap once he quit,
and, well... maybe any idiot did.