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Wed, 27 Nov 1996 14:10:47 +0200 (EET)

On Tue, 26 Nov 1996 wrote:

> Now if you want to hear a different flavour of jazz JUNGLE, try DJSS'
> Jazz'n'Bass album, especially the tracks by John B (prob. on Formation
> Records).

I'll second to this.. not all tracks are that hot but unlike most of the
comps around this brings some true underground stuff up.

> I can't remember whether or not Roni Size and Krush have been mentioned
> yet - they produced some particularly nice jazzy jungle tunes a while
> back.

Again, the V music artists (Roni Size, DJ Krust & DJ Die) and V music sub
labels (Dope Dragon (straightforward jump up), Full Cycle (more
experimental), Chronic (hardstep), V Records (all kinds of stuff), Philly
Blunt (gangstadelic hardstep)) are about the most consistent around what
comes to quality.

For stuff with jazzy / experimental elements check out

Bill Riley: the Chill b/w Future Funk (Full Cycle)
superb track with live guitar

DJ Krust: Memories b/w Priorities (Full Cycle)
excellent atmospheric piece..

DJ Krust: Jazz Note II (V Recordings)
actually i don't have this but I guess it has something to do with jazz..

DJ Die: Reincarnations b/w Stoned Groove (Full Cycle)
just too deep!! excellent to mix. Stoned Groove has some jazzier vibes
on the sample side. both excellent.


oh fuck i just got a mad idea..

i'll set up a V records web site, that's how much i love them!!!



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