metalheadz and mr. Pine kicking it.....

Mårten Brink (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 22:02:33 +0100

This is total spam... sorry... but I just gotta say that last nights
performance by meatalheadz (dj peshay) with additional vocals, scatting
and other kinds of "live" noises by Cleveland Watkiss were more than
brilliant.... The "gig" took place at club Fusion at Sturecompagniet in
Stockholm Sweden....

well... just wanna say that it was a loss for any and all who wasent
there... ok.. I know they play a lot of places... so, if you get the
chance to see em - dont miss it!!!!

a lot of new stuff got aired and it was all brilliant. looking forward
to 1997 with lots of new releases from the metalheadz posse...

once again.. sorry for spamming...