Re: Courtney Pine - Modern Day Jazz Stories

William Dwyer (
Fri, 29 Nov 96 09:24:03 -0500

> When I saw Branford with his trio last year, he said something
>inbetween songs about the album featuring a version of "Darkstar" or
>"Space" or some jam-oriented Grateful Dead tune (i can't remember which
>one he said). Strange. However, that was almost a year ago...things may
>have changed.

I hope someone responds to this. I never was a Deadhead but tripped a lot
during the days the album with Darkstar came out. That was the only track
of theirs that I ever really got into (or got into me). I can't imagine
what Branford would do with this one but am quite interested, especially
considering his cover of Coltrane's Love Supreme on the Red Hot + Cool
bonus CD. It was that track, heard on the radio, that got me to searching
for it's source, leading to the Red Hot + Cool CD, on which I found all
this great stuff I'd been wanting to hear. Couldn't find that much on my
own, then came across this list...