Headz II show - Shadow/Lavelle/Psychonauts

Gerald Molumby (v-geralm@MICROSOFT.com)
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 09:28:19 -0800

Hi there,

Saw DJ Shadow, James Lavelle & the Psychonauts as part of The Headz II
tour here in Dublin last weekend. Great show, not as abstract as the
last time. Mostly all beat heavy hip-hop with a little bit of soul
here and there , not one jungle tune though! Psychonauts played first,
4 turntables and some serious mixing & scratching. Then Shadow then

Top tunes that I can remember, among others;
That 'We will Rock you' mix - who does this? Lavelle always seems to
spin it.
Bug in the Bassbin - Innerzone Orchestra
The original '3's the magic No.' - Seasame St. honky tonk style!
Oscilator - This is brilliant. Does anyone know who does this tune and
is it availible on any compilations?
Some hip-hop tune with the bass line from Talking Heads 'Once in a
lifetime' - Again, who does this? Its fab.
Midnight in a perfect world - Shadow (Which he threw into the crowd
after playing!)
Meiso - 4hero mix
Some tune by 'Air'- its on that sourcelab 2 comp, sounds kinda
And loads of other beats that just sorta flowed into 1 dope stream of

Top night except for the couple of spoons who decided to have a fight at
the end of the night and managed to soak me with my own Guinness!