news from France

Daniel Hirschkoff (
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 15:26:09 +0200


Went to Paris this week end, picked up a few things:

- Solaar LP, "Paradisiaque": been waiting for that... beats by
La Funk Mob (most of the tracks are done either by Boom Bass or by
Zdar, not both together; some include singing by Sinclair, who is
actually the brother of Hubert (Boom Bass)). well all in all not
surprising at all from the point of view of the music, as La Funk Mob
explained in an interview to "Le Monde" (!), they basically just
created atmospheres around Solaar's lyrics, on the hip-hop side (no
tr*p-h*p nore house, despite La Funk Mob). The main reason for that is
that they were not really allowed to "fail", or to do too weird
things, se they were'nt so free in their work. This could have really
been a serious drawback for this work, if Solaar's lyrics weren't that
good, IMHO, and here is the point: I think Solaar has done something
that does not belong to hip-hop or acid-jazz or whatever, but rather
goes into the tradition of french songwriters a la Serge Gainsbourg or
such: the most important part of it for me is the lyrics and the tone
used by Solaar, and it becomes nearly a form of litterature. Not that
the music is bad, not at all, the beats of La Funk Mob are always
good, but you can feel how the whole thing has been built around
Solaar and his words. So I'm not sure this LP is directly relevant for
this list, but I like it a lot (after one listen, at least). Would
like to hear how someone that does'nt understand the lyrics reacts.
- Trankilou EP: "escalope de dingue" the previous EP of
trankilou (on BPM records), called Saint Glin Glin EP, was really
good, and this one is too (despite an ugly cover). Basically 3 or 4
big tracks, a la "french house" (if this means something), and some
little tracks here and there with hip hop beats and funny samples.
- Daphrephunkateerz vs Motorbass : this has come at last, two
remixes by Motorbass of a track by Daphreephunkateerz, some efficient
work, haven't had the time for a good listen yet.
- I:Cube EP on versatile (can't remember the name, just
remember it's called like I:Cube LP). sounds good, two remixes, and
really sounds like I:Cube's first single, quite promising for the LP,
which I did'nt find.

on the interview of La Funk Mob mentioned above, there were a few
hints about forecoming projects, that include for Zdar & Etienne de
Crecy a new LP by Motorbass (wow! let me say it again: ok, Daft Punk,
blablabla, but please buy Motorbass' "Pansoul"), and a LP by La Chatte
Rouge, more on the hip-hop side. Apparently Boom Bass has just bought
a studio and will work on the La Funk Mob project (? nothing more
about that).

Dino, if you're there: something new for the site?



PS: on a very different tip, I saw the Dirty Dozen at La Villette, and
liked it a lot!!
PPS: bad news for music in paris: LTD the record shop just closed (but
many other are opening now, which is'nt very fair IMHO), and the Hot
Brass closed as well for financial reasons...