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Mon, 11 May 1998 17:07:38 -0400

Greetings. Here are a couple of suggestions... One track on the new
Rebirth of Cool (7) is really good (indian stylee) and the rest of it is
dope as well even though you might be in the indian mood. Also a
compilation i just got on Acid Jazz is "Swaraj" (it's from last year).
Best thing i can recommend as per your description. It has some rapping
on there, drum and bass, etc... a nice array of indian electronica. here
is the track listing just in case someone wants to chime in about any of
these artists...

Fun-da-mental: Mother Africa Feeding Sista India
Mo Magic: Mixed Vision
The Dub Factory: Kaise Guzar Rahi Hai
Ges E: Baksheesh
Shade: Maye ni Maye
AKA: Late Nights
Ravi Harris: Path of the Blazing Sarong
Earthtribe: Losing it
Panjabi MC: Jogi
Apache Indian: Respect
Loveson: Say
Maya: Maya
Baluji: Kajri

who's Bally Sagoo? looking forward to an indian vibe thread...


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> Subject: [aj] Indian singers mixed in
> Can anybody suggest some material to pick up that has Indian singing
> ala DJ
> Cam's "New Kingdom", Deep Forests "Media Luna", Bally Sagoo, etc. I'm
> looking for downtempo stuff on the trippy hip hop jazz tip. Thanks
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