"Jazzadelica" Playlist for 10/31/99

Mark Turner (mturner@netcom.com)
Mon, 1 Nov 1999 15:15:36 -0800 (PST)

"Jazzadelica" Halloween Special
with guest host Dr. Funkenstein
Playlist for 10/31/99, 10pm-2am
KFJC 89.7 FM, Los Altos Hills, CA

Artist Track Source
------ ----- ------
Kid Koala Tricks 'n' Treats Scratchhappyland
DJ Cam Voodoo Mix (excerpt) Mixtape
Second Hand Investigations Main Title The Suite
Depth Charge Dead by Dawn Nine Deadly Venoms
Suspiria Film Trailer
The Centimeters I Want a Dead One The Facts of
Ben Wa Descent/Macrocardio Dub Devil Dub
Patricia Barber Black Magic Woman Companion
Louis Prima & Keely Smith That Old Black Magic Collectors Series
William Burroughs Witchcraft Through the Ages Film Excerpt
Albert Ayler Witches and Devils Witches and Devils
Freaks Film Excerpt
Elvis Costello Weird Nightmare Weird Nightmare
The Specials Ghost Town
Frankenhooker 2 Film Excerpts
Screaming Jay Hawkins Little Demon Frenzy!
Dave Pike Set Spooky Got the Feelin'
Mad Professor Witches Brew Science & the
Les Rythmes Digitales Jacques Your Body (ticket giveaway)
The Wolf Man Film Excerpt
Wolfman Jack Hey Wolfman Wolfman Jack
Curse of the Werewolf Film Trailer
Lester Bowie's Brass Thriller Twilight Dreams
Orgy of the Dead The Ghouls Feast in All Their Soundtrack
DJ Spooky Galactic Funk (Tau Seti Mix) Songs of a Dead
Frankenstein Film Excerpt
Liminal Plague Nosferatu
Parliament Dr. Funkenstein The Clones of Dr.
The Vampire Lovers Film Trailer
Steve Stills & Al Kooper Season of the Witch Groovy
Sabres of Paradise Haunted Dancehall (In the Versus
                              Nursery Remix)
Dracula, Prince of Darkness Film Trailer
Bim Sherman Nightmare Too Hot
The Skatalites Black Sunday Ska Bonanza
Skylab Ghost Dance #1
Whodini Haunted House of Rock
Edgar Winter Project Frankenstein Rock Instrumentals
                                                               Vol. 3
Vampyros Lesbos Necronomania Sexadelic Dance
Higher Than God Stoemberg The Spirit of Vam-
                                                               pyros Lesbos
Ego Plum The Vampire Queen Strikes! Anthology of
                                                               Infection Vol. 1
Kid Spatula Vampires Spatula Freak
The 7 Brothers and Their 1 Film Trailer
  Sister Meet Dracula
Jerry Van Rooyan Death Walks in High Heels At 250 M.P.H.
Gary Lucas Ghosts Live at the Knit-
                                                               ting Factory
Dennis Bovell Zombie Zomez Audio Active
Mikey Dread Saturday Night Style African Anthem
The B-52's Devil in My Car New Wave
The Mummy's Shroud Film Trailer
Jackson Five The Boogie Man Anthology
Kenya & Tanzania Akamba Witch Doctor Witchcraft and
                                                               Ritual Music
Plan 9 From Outer Space Film Excerpt
Depth Charge Daughters of Darkness Nine Deadly Venoms

...and that's "Jazzadelica," Halloween stylee...

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