[acid-jazz] Winter Soundscapes [Fast FWD Charts]

From: myrna--soundtravels <soundtravelsradio_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2006 20:30:16 -0800 (PST)

Here are some of the "Winter" favorites from the FastFWD crew in Florida:

 Marathon Men- Simbad Luvin [Je Ne Sais Quoi]
 Atjazz featuring Ernesto – Put It On (Osunlade remix) [cdr]
 Domu- Quarantine [EMI]
 Madslinky – Somethin’ eXtra (Domu’s Dico dub) [Askew]
 Brotherly – Searchin’ [cdr]
 Bugz in the Attic – Once, Twice [Bitasweet]
 Phuturistic featuring Mr. J – Hurt You Twice
 Hanna – Faceless Emotion (Landslide remix)
 Alton Miller and Boddhi Satva – Don’t Stop (dub)
 Peven Everett – Sexy One [Unified]
 Simon Grey – The Galactica Suite (Domu remix) [Papa]
 Ame – Basic Track [Sonar Kollectiv]
 V/A – Inside Scandinavia Vol. 2 [Raw Fusion]
 Kanye West – Addiction (Kenny Dope remix) [Kay-Dee records]
 Boo Williams w/ Glenn Underground – Discolube [Rush Hour]
 Patchworks Ginger X Press – Brothers on the Side remixes [Still Music]
 Big Bang – Sweet Y Sour (4Hero remix) [Arison]
   Fat Drummy’s Drops – Dr. Um
 Used. Soul Fiction. Sonar Kollektiv cdr
 He Does It Better. Mayra Jones. GP Digs America. Ubiquity
 Go! Jazzanova Inst. Remx. Common. Geffen
 Chillin on the Rhodes. De Rigueur. Citrona Recs
 Jazzaonva Remixes 02-05. Various. Sonar Kollektiv
 Sun, Moon, Stars. Thievery Corp. Sounds ReIssue. ESL
 Banda Uniao Black lp. Commonfolk Recs
 The Budos Band lp. Daptone Recs
 Everything. Bajka. Radio City ep. Ubiquity
 B-Beat Classic. B+. West End
 The Sound. Natural Self. Breakin Bread 7”
 Shalala. Ray City Bowler. Grand Buffo 7”
 Us on Fire. Kenny & Horne vs. PB. Rebutz
 Kaboom. AGFA remx. Ursula 1000. ESL
 Tribute. S.U.M.O. feat Rigas. HeYa HiFi
 Protection. Sirius Mo mx. Bajka & B Mono. Freshly Composted
 Everybody Wants You. Matthew Herbert & Dani Siciliano touch
...Jeff Buckley. Dream Brother. RykoDisc
 Flashback. Jazzanova’s thing. Fat Freddy’s Drop. White
   Mr. Marley’s chart
 01) Submariner / “Generation to Generation” / Sugarlicks
 02) Dr. Rubberfunk / “Watch the Tables Turn” / GPS-Funkdown
 03) Hydroponic Sound System / “Catch a Flashback” / Swedish Brandy
 04) Murk 108 / “Let’n off shots” / Sugarlicks
 05) Beatconductor / “Hottest Dub” / GAMM
 06) Momma Gravy / “Diamonds & Dimebags” / Different Drummer
 07) Sebi / “Csiri-Hop” / Dicey
 08) DJ Day / “Four Hills” / Melting Pot Music
 09) Thieves of Time / “Beat Suite” (Phase 2) / Other Worlds
 10) All Good Funk Alliance / “AGFA Theme” / Funk Weapons-Sunswept
 11) Chris Joss / “Wrong Way Alley” (Fort Knox Five Remix) / ESL
 12) Ed Royal & Enne / “Gift of Funk” (Soulphonic Remix) / Innvision
 13) Hydroponic Sound System / “Live from B-Boy City” / Swedish Brandy
 14) Geriba / “So High” (AGFA remix) / Funk Weapons
 15) Ed Royal & Enne / “Greetings to …” / Innvision
 16) Ursula 1000 / “Kaboom” (AGFA remix) / ESL
 17) Dublex Inc. / “Repercussion” / Pulver
 Lost & Found:
 ‘89) Renegade Soundwave “The Phantom (It’s In There!)” / Mute
      Myrna (La Mina)
Beatfanatic : Broken Descarga (Soundscapes)
 Blakai : Don’t Stop (2000 Black)
 Clara Hill/Atjazz: Nowhere (I Can Go) (Sonar Kollektiv)
 Club De Belugas : Wildcats Gotta Move (Chinchin)
 D’Stephanie ft. Wunmi : Runaway Child (Chez)
 Emmanuel : D’Illusions of Grandeur LP (Little League)
 Red Astaire : Mambo El Kingston (Gamm)
 John Legend & Brandy : Ordinary People Souse Re-edit (Souse)
 Innocent Sorcerers : The Score (Raw Fusion)
 Paul Murphy – Budapest Cha Cha Cha (Afro Art)
 Ramjac Feat. Natalie Gardiner : Arise (Ramjac)
 Various Artists : Hot As Hel (Nine2five)

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