[acid-jazz] Ok....Now it's Official.....(I Just Entered The MILES ZONE)

From: Bob Davis <earthjuice_at_prodigy.net>
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2006 21:32:48 -0500

Miles Davis is going to be inducted into the RRHOF in about a week or so in
I plan on being there to cover it for Soul-Patrol.com
I haven't listened to any Miles Davis music since it was announced that he
would be entering the RRHOF in December.
I promised myself that I wouldn't until now, just prior to the event.

That's cuz I'm trying to get my head straight for the RRHOF Inductions, so I
just got thru listening to "KIND OF BLUE" for the umteenth hundreth time in
my life....
So now I'm ready to enter into my 70's Miles Groove.
Right now I am still under the assumption that Miles is being inducted into
the RRHOF because of the ferocious music that he produced during the period
of 1969-1976 that was such a tremendous influence on artists like Hendrix,
Santana and others (although nobody at the RRHOF has actually confirmed that
to me), so that is what I am focusing on.
I've written quite a bit about the music and impact of the music of Miles
Davis over the years and in fact his music is one of the cornerstones of the
Soul-Patrol website. I don't really plan on writing anything more at this
point. Now is the time for me to ask questions

I got a glass of "Iced Tea", got on my headphones and now I am good to
As I am listening to this music I am surfing the net and writing down a list
of questions that I am going to ask people when I go to the induction
ceremonies next week

Next up will be the fairly conventional:

(the one that really started the 1970's for Miles Davis)

Bob Davis
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