[acid-jazz] Re: Last 5?

From: Jon Freer <jon-freer_at_excite.com>
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 17:56:29 -0500 (EST)

Joe Claussell's "Translate" comp on NRK - v.techy, but enjoyable.

Joe Bataan "Call My Name" on ESL - really powerful.

St Germain "Boulevard" on F Comm - reissued or repressed on CD...Glad to finally own it on CD, as my tape copy doesn't play too well anyomre!

Quarteto Em Cy album - wonderful relaxed Latin stuff. Actually a vinyl reissue, but I'm guessing it's available on CD!

Gotan Project "Diferente" on XL - not a huge change, but good stuff all the same...Bit of a cheat as it's a 10", but I'm looking forward to hearing the full album!


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How's the new NOW album, by the way??here is my Last 5:Alif Tree "French Cuisine" - great cinematique downtempo Shinto - "Sekai" - very strange japanese production from Austria'a Hans Platzgummer (Queen Of Japan, E;gum)Danny Krivit re-edits - no comments, beyond comments7 Samurai - A Luv Supreme - everyone's favourite... probably, never out officiallyV/A - City to City mixed by french DJ Deep - a retrospective journey through Detroit, Chicago & New York underground House sounds. Vol.2 coming soon as far as i knowwhat's yours?peace,ilya Ilya Rasskazovkarmakoma_at_yandex.ruwww.dt-own.ruICQ: 53655378>CDs? Who listens to CDs anymore???>Just kidding, I do. :-)>>Will Calhoun - Native Lands>Territory Band - Company Switch (a Ken Vandermakr project)>Nightmares On Wax - In A Space Outta Sound>Frank Wright - Uhuru Na Umoja (from the America re-release series)>Nonesuch Explorer Series - Bali: Music for the Shadow Play>>Been on a heavy free jazz kick these days. Also saw Ethnic
Heritage >Ensemble recently. It moved me very, very deeply.>>>Bob Davis wrote:>> What are the last 5 CD's you listened to?>> >> ---------------------------------------->> Bob Davis>> earthjuice_at_prodigy.net>> ---------------------------------------->> SOUL-PATROL.COM WEBSITE >> www.soul-patrol.com >> JOIN THE FREE >> BI-WEEKLY: SOUL-PATROL>> NEWSLETTER www.soul-patrol.com/newsletter >> SOUL-PATROL.NET RADIO >> www.soul-patrol.net >> INTERACT & LISTEN: >> SOUL-PATROL CHAT ROOM>> www.soul-patrol.com/chat >> ---------------------------------------->> >> >--

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