[acid-jazz] Re: Last 5?

From: Mark Turner <nugroove_at_pacbell.net>
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 11:14:24 -0800

Hi all,

Weighing in a little late on this thread, due to some Internet access issues
this past week. But, in reverse order, here are the last five CDs crossing
my ear canals:

5. (On Now) Herbie Hancock - HEAD HUNTERS (Columbia). Duh!

4. Pre-Fade Listening - SOLARIZED (Different Drummer). Tranquil, dubby vibes
for a leisurely Sunday morning reading the newspaper.

3. The Orb - ADVENTURES BEYOND THE ULTRAWORLD (Wau! Mr. Modo). Had to pull
this one out after seeing The Orb live in SF on Friday night. Truly a
classic. Haven't heard their latest album on Kompakt yet, but I understand
it's pretty good.

2. Incite 39 - Free CD from XLR8R magazine. Favorite tracks include Public
Enemy w/Paris, "Can't Hold Us Back," and the punk funk of The Gossip's
"Standing in the Way of Control".

1. Shriekback - CORMORANT (Malicious Damage). They're baaaaack! Definitely
sounds like the ol' Shriekback, but without nearly as many catchy tunes as
in the days of BIG NIGHT MUSIC or OIL AND GOLD. The lyrics are still waaay
out there, though.

Mark Turner/DJ Rocky Rococo
Received on 2006-03-19 20:17:57