[acid-jazz] Re: Last 5

From: Brian Baltin <bbaltin_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 04:28:39 -0800

Hey all,

Haven't been interjecting much of late, but here's what I'm feeling
right now:

Inspiration Exclusives (sure to be album of the year: pure
awe-inspiring absolute beauty and sublimity from start to finish from
the god Nozaki (Jazztronik), the KJM boys, Fukutomi, Mitsu the Beats
(whose "Living Love Song" with Ivana Santilli WILL be song of the
year), Domu etc.; PURE GODLINESS in every respect)

Jazztronik, En: Code (Jazztronik WITH Marcos Valle ('nuff said); also
majesty with Rob Galliano and Valerie Etienne once again)

Monday Michiru, Routes (our perennial girl, and this one's possibly
even better than Moods)

Incognito, Feed Your Soul (not all brilliant, but Yam Who's bounce rock
skate rework of the Carleen Anderson track "Show Me Love" is
well-tipped to be remix of the year)

Cecilia Stalin, Straight Up (check the irresistible groove of "Bogaloo
Boy" (her misspelling not mine, but the track is flawless)

Sambass 3 (Patife and Cleveland W. take on Stevie's "Overjoyed" inna
drum and bass mode, and the results are awe-inspiring, plenty of over
loveliness in effect as well, and the 2nd disc mixed by Ramilson Maia
is at least as lovely)

Just got back from seeing Dimitri from Paris, and (though a little
buzzed) mighty happy from the disco hangover. For anyone who doesn't
know, the gig listings are still always updated on
http://www.liquidatorgraphics.com, and I've started a blog at
http://liquidatorgraphics.blogspot.com. Feel free to check of course.

Best to all,

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