[acid-jazz] Re: Last 5?

From: Dr. Axel Barcelo Aspeitia <abarcelo_at_minerva.filosoficas.unam.mx>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 12:15:11 -0600 (CST)

On Fri, 17 Mar 2006, Bob Davis wrote:

> Sounds like 7 CD's, but it's one album.
> (give us 4 more Dr. Axel??)

Ok, 4 more:

1. Colors Music: Rio Funk (Irma Records 2005)
Yes, all songs sound pretty similar, but some brainless funky fun
is always welcome

2. Cansei de Ser Sexy: Cansei de Ser Sexy (Trama Records 2005)
Brazilian Electro. More fun, fun, fun! Thanks to Marky Ruffie for bringing
this from Brazil. I will be there, in Rio, in a couple of weeks.

3. Rita Lee: "Aqui, Ali, Em Cualquer Lugar" (Universal 2001)
It seems like I am in a Brazilian mood lately. This one Silvio brought me
from Brazil. We are noth Rita Lee fans, and he was upset to find it it was
a Beatles cover album (there is no info outside the CD), but her blend of
brazilian rhtyhms with Beatles' meodies works wonderfully ... sometimes.
Other times, it sounds like a mere loungey tribute album to the Beatles.

4. Rhtyhm Heritage: Discofied (ABC 1976)
A gem from my scavenging ventures. Got this huge batch of vynil records at
a carboot sale. They were around fifty disco records in very, very bad
shape. it seems like they had been in humid storage for ages, and some of
the carton sleeves were completely desroyed, but the records were still in
very good shape, once I cleaned the, this one is my current fave. Huge
groovews, very funky. an excellent reason to keep a turntable in my living

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