[acid-jazz] help! Pauline Oliveros? ...and more.

From: 99 <beleza_at_speakeasy.net>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:17:45 -0500

I was looking through some hastily jotted notes for music I've heard in
different places and wanted to follow up on. I have no memory of
writing this one down, but Pauline Oliveros is the last thing I
scribbled. If you ask Amazon, he has 1 album, but if you ask Google,
he has many many many recordings, reaching deep into the 60s.
Yeesh, prolific much?

Another one I wrote down was Glen Kotche, but at least I remember doing
that. The 2 tracks I heard were kind of abstract, kind of melodic, kind
of electronic and kind of evocative of a weird space between gamelons
and cell phones. Thankfully, he has fewer recordings, but if anyone has
a favorite, I'd like to hear about it.

Oh, and if you're listening to those 2, you might want to check out
Charles Cohen, who also has a release on Deep Listening (despite being
very anti-recording in general), if you have not.
http://www.voicenet.com/~ccohen. Under the upcoming performances,
there's a link labeled "Rummage around this directory for hi and lo
bandwidth streams and downloads". There's some real gold in there. I
encourage rummaging and ganking. The stuff with Elliott Levin is
especially satisfying in a free-association organic/synthetic way.

And hey, if you free associate the way I do, when you are in the mood
for this stuff, you will also enjoy G.S. Sachdev and Zakir Hussain -
Flights of Improvisation (strictly Indian classical with this bansuri
master), and Twisted Blue Folk (esp Common Rumor), although I don't know
the release status of anything they've done. One more, if you happen
across the Indo-British Ensemble - Curried Jazz, I instruct you to
snatch it up, hide it in your jacket, and swear to your friends that you
don't have it on vinyl, you just got it off somebody on slsk. Despite
the unfortunate title, it is in fact not a racist, kitsch disaster, but
actually a high-quality, yet accessible mix of Indian music and jazz
from 1969.

Any other nudges in these directions? I can always use some
"hopelessly/happily lost in the forest" music.

Thanks in advance.
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