[acid-jazz] Suggestions for mix - A Non-Event Post

From: Michael Elliot-Knight <m_elliotknight_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 10:36:25 -0600

I'm always up for discussions so I'll start one myself

maybe more of a request for suggestions but feel free to go off on a tangent

I'm getting ready for a gig that is coming in a few months. This one is
very important to me and I know this audience is the type that appreciates
hearing a message or story coming out of the overall mix. I'm in a warm-up
slot but have a few hours to play. It's a very house oriented crowd but I
could drop some R&B, funk, "broken beats", disco, and even some Detroitish
techno (Carl Craig, Derrick May, etc.) on them and they'd get it.

So, I'm looking for some vocal tunes that carry a message -
Something beyond the usual "you've done me wrong" type house. The other DJ
plays this stuff and knows it very well so I'd like to put together
something a little different but meaningful. Would like to find music about
hope and struggle. Think anti-war, hope for the future, taking care of your
fellow brothers and sisters, etc. Tempo can vary because I'll have time to
take them up and down. Mood can be up or down or questioning.

songs that come to mind -
Fat Freddie's Drop "Hope for a Generation"
Heidelberg Project - "Same Old Shit, Different Day"
Terry Brooks - Pressure
just about anything by Blaze

if the songs have good percussion in them all the better - I love anything
with live drums/hand drums/vibes/steel drum/etc.



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>Subject: [acid-jazz] A Non-Event/Review Post?!?
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>Does anyone make posts to this list that are NOT events or reviews?
>Is there really an audience out there?
>Just checking.
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