Music Articles
Fri, 24 Nov 1995 22:56:01 -0800


I am sending this letter out to those of you on my music mailing list. I
have a web site up and am looking for other contributors.

If you have any excerpts or articles on the subject of music, please send
it to me for inclusion to the Guest Artist section. If you have a web
page up yourself, you can link the article to your site, or if not, you
can include information about your book, CD or whatever project you are
working on.

the www address is

e-mail for me is

i am finishing up article #2 as I write this, and would love to put up
the new section as soon as i get a few contributions.
If you can forward this e-mail down the line to others involved, we can
make this a very educational site.thanks in advance,