Off-topic: DJ Spooky in Pittsburgh 12/2

Daniel Ryan Bidwa (
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 15:01:16 -0500 (EST)

Sorry for the late notice; sorry for the widespread distribution;
sorry to those who don't care about this stuff; sorry sorry sorry.
DJ Spooky (aka Soulslinger, aka Tha Subliminal Kid) from NYC will
be in Pittsburgh this Saturday (12/2) along with Bedouin (from NYC's
SubDub) and a whole bunch of mostly local DJs (list at end) spinning
hip-hop, jungle, dub, etc. The boom bit (i.e., The Final Come Down1)
starts at 9:00pm in the small gymnasium on the Carnegie Mellon campus
(there's only one athletic building; there's more than one gymnasium in it).
The info line is 441-4841; quick 'n easy directions are at the end of
this too. It's $5 at the door, and there will be free refreshments
(although we're not sure just how much, so don't count on dinner).

The schedules:
killing floor 951202:
09:00pm D-LOW (triphop) [self-promotion alert: d-low = me]
10:00pm SELECTA (hiphop/oldschool)
11:00pm B-TREE (live words)
11:30pm DOUBLE O w/ S-F.l.o.w., Dem-W.S., M-Team (live hiphop + freestyles)
12:30am STATIC (hiphop/detroit)
01:30am FIRST CLASS w/ Bubbles,Tea,Militant (dancehall/ragga + live d.j.)
03:00am SPOOKY (illbient/xpr.jungle)
05:00am SOJI-FU (jungle)
06:00am SPAED (jungle)

echo chamber 951202:
09:00pm ZA DHARSH (live electronics/tapes)
10:00pm DJ SPINoza (cosmic drone)
11:00pm johnny fingers (acid)
12:00am STARCHILD (breaks)
01:00am ((D-LOW/SPAED/???)) (jungleXbass)
02:00am Special DJ Shrimp TIBBS (triphop/dub)
03:00am BEDOUIN (cosmic dub)
04:30am Sheldon Drake (deep ambient)
05:30am 666AudioChinks w/ um-9600 (ambi/ill/dub/xpr)
06:30am ?????

the quickie directions:
- get to 376 (from the west, take 79 to 279 to 376; from the east,
take the PA Turnpike (or Rt. 30, but it's stripmalls and stoplights)
to 376 -- it'll be the second Pgh exit, not the one to Irwin, rt. 30,
- get to Forbes Avenue (look for the exit on 376)
- get to Margaret Morrison St. (about 16 stoplights)
- turn right on Margaret Morrison St. At the second stop sign (where
the street turns into a parking lot), the Gymnasium is on the
corner on your left