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Tim Arland (tca@CERF.NET)
Thu, 29 Feb 1996 21:36:06 -0800 (PST)

On Thu, 29 Feb 1996 wrote:

> awwwww...Elson...
> ya know, some people might actually find both of these ladies
> attractive ;-) beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
> and personally, i don't watch the Grammies (or any other awards
> show) due to the boring and sometimes pretencious nature of these
> gatherings - not because this or that performer was nominated or was
> suppose to be there...
> obAJ - thanks to all for the recent spate of reviews...has anyone
> picked up the Earthling disc ? a friend of mine gave me this, but i haven't
> had a chance to listen to it yet...
> peace,
> buddhahead.

Yeah Elson! you must have had a bad day....normally your posts are so
much more positive than that <smirk:> hehe. Yeah, well...I can
relate...while with many popular new artists, I try hard to appreciate
their music, once every hour is too much for me. They play the hell out
those songs! It's no wonder I don't listen to the radio much. ( San
Diego's radio stations suck! ) anyways .... oh... where's my music
content? hmmm let's see.

I don't have much to report there...I'm spinning a Dan Hicks record
right now, so I'm not really thinking Acid Jazz (and such) though... how
many of you out there know Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks? It's totally
off-topic music, but then there are definate jazz influences in some of
his music, and at the same time he thing he created some musical
influence of his own. Very unique artist... peace out!

- Tim

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