re: joan osborne (and the music industry)
Fri 01 Mar 1996 08:43 EST

> When will the music industry insiders start to trust
> the artists and the music they play themselves, rather
> than trying to make the artists more mainstream
> (read - palatable by the masses)?

you've also gotta place some blame on the *general* music buying
public...they're the one's who eat up whatever the industry is

> There are so few artists that get there by playing
> what they want. BNH, or PRIMUS, to name a couple.
> And each has to release at least one independent CD
> that does extraordinarily well (in dollar terms) to
> get any notice whatsoever.

i agree - it is sad...but back to my above point...
most people don't listen to music the way most of us here do.
"in the background" is what the general population uses music for,
while at home, driving in their cars, etc. most people here are
musicians or dj's (or wannbe musician's or used to be a dj - like me ;-> ),
and our musical interests span a quite larger expanse than your average joe.
i don't mean to seem *high and mighty*'s not most people's
fault that they have no taste in good music <hehe>