re: joan osborne (and the music industry)
Fri 01 Mar 1996 15:28 EST

> Okay, since people brought light about Osborne's talent, I'll give it a
> chance. But I guess we all agree on Morrissette? Isn't she the first
> Truly-Packaged, Bandwagon-Jumping,
> Yodel-Like-Every-Other-Female-Alternative Singer,
> I'm-Gonna-Cuss-On-My-Record-Just-To-Look-Hard 'Alternative' Artist?
> She used to be on a Nickolodeon show, and used to be a Debbie Gibson-type
> teen pop singer (that wasn't as successful).
> The guy who wrote "You Oughtta Know" also co-wrote Michael Jackson's "Man
> In The Mirror"! Actually, I kind of like Morissette's presence in the
> industry. I mean, artists like her can only mean grunge's downfall.

first off - i like Alanis (and her name is spelled with only one "R").
but yes, i agree that she was TOTALLY pre-packaged...
BUT you gotta hand it to Glen Ballard (and Maverick - Madonna's label).
they gave the public what they wanted - or rather, force-fed the
masses with a *descent* hard-edged female image.
PLEASE don't get her mixed up with what people call "grunge" - she AIN'T IT.
pop-rock lyrics - yes...

peace (still).