Justice System

Carl Cranstone (carlos@mtx.net.au)
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 15:56:40 +-10-30

You can check out a sample of Justice System at Oz-Groove. I've =
sampled a couple of tracks from a demo tape they sent me. This band is =
hot,..well worth checking out.

Life is pretty busy here in Adelaide (South Australia). We had the =
launch for the new CRISP CD last week, it's pretty cool. I'm working =
on getting some sound samples for people to listen to. We are also =
currently in the middle of the Adelaide International Festival of Arts =
which runs from March 1 to March 17. There's another festival on the =
side called The Fringe which runs Feb 23 - March 17. I've been seeing =
a couple of shows every night and partying until the early hours of the =
morning so I'm pretty bushed most of the time!

Come & visit Oz-Groove & hear Justice System at =

A tired & weary Carlos

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