FW: Tito Puente

Carl Cranstone (carlos@mtx.net.au)
Mon, 4 Mar 1996 10:32:22 +-9-30

>Last week I picked up two incredibly amazing Tito Puente albums: "Top
>Percussion" and "Tambo." On the former the AFRO outweighs the CUBAN. =
It is
>mostly percussion and call and response vocals and chants. It blows my =

Cool,..I'll have to check out those. Tito Puente is currently here for =
the Adelaide International Festival of Arts,...I'll be seeing him =
perform tomorrow night, can hardly wait. =20

(Just making a complete subject jump,..I've got to say how fantastic =
KRONOS Quartet were on Saturday night. If anyone is interested in =
contemporary classical, KRONOS are the bomb! :-) One of the pieces =
they did on Saturday night was "HOWL" i.e. Allan Ginsberg narrating his =
poem with KRONOS playing alongside. Awesome. Of course, KRONOS have =
also done the best cover of Hendrix's "Purple Haze" ever. )