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4 Mar 96 03:02:00 -0500

For really cool. I was in the West Village (NYC) at the Grove Street Cafe.
One of the guitarist of the Gypsy Kings was playing with an accordionist.
Very cool.


From: ghudson
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Date: Sunday, March 03, 1996 12:17PM

I'm also a Gypsy Kings fan. If you are looking for some new boundaries,
try seeing them in concert. They have the audience in command. Not to
be missed for sure!


On 3 Mar 1996, araya,juan carlos wrote:

> Matt,
> I mentioned "Top Percussion" on this list a few week back. It blew my mind

> too. I am now looking for some "Manitas de Plata" CDs. This person is a
> Flamenco guitarist out of the 50's-60's era. I am a Gypsy Kings fan,
> "Manitas de Plata" is a more raw form. Stronger and much more passionate.
> Beautiful and sensual.
> Juano
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> From: SoulJazz
> Date: Saturday, March 02, 1996 11:20PM
> have mentioned being big fans of latin music.
> Last week I picked up two incredibly amazing Tito Puente albums: "Top
> Percussion" and "Tambo." On the former the AFRO outweighs the CUBAN. It
> mostly percussion and call and response vocals and chants. It blows my
> mind.
> "Tambo" definitely focuses on the percussion and has some really
> interesting
> polyrhythms, horn arrangements and vibe playing by Tito himself. The
> quality
> of the recordings in amazing as well. They are both part of RCA's "living
> stereo" series from the late '50s-early '60s. If anyone familiar with
> recordings can recommend similar recordings please send them along. Thanks
> lot.
> Peace Out,
> Matt