Re: trip hop & jazz v.2

Peter Wang (
04 Mar 1996 19:38:53 GMT

bdwyer wrote:

Who the hell is Beanfield? Check out the richly-textured track "Charles"
on this comp. It may not be quite as intricate as stuff by Kruder &
Dorfmeister, but it's close.

I'd like to know who Beanfield is too!! As far as I am concerned, that track
is one of the best on that compilation. Dare I say THE BEST?!? Also, if my
memory serves me correctly, (since I don't have the liner notes with me), one
of the monikers used on the compilation (Tosca probably) credits producers
Dorfmeister & someone else. Is this the same Dorfmeister from K&D?? I hope
not. That particular track could be classified as "disappointing" if it has
any ties to the stellar Kruder & Dorfmeister team. Anyone got some 411?

peace + dub,


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