Re: searching / SNC Subs / AJ may kil my wallet

Patrick Mund (
Wed, 6 Mar 96 13:52:34 +0100

On Mon 4 Mar 1996 09:05 Mark Conklin wrote
>... does anyone subscribe to Straight No Chaser in
>the States? Being ignorant, I never subscribed because I can't convert
>dollars to pounds and couldn't figure out how much it was (and I don't use
>credit cards...which would have been the easiest subscription solution). I
>usually can't find it in the stores and would like to subscribe now. Can
>anyone tell me how much they paid for their subscription ...

Subscription in the US costs 25 pounds for five issues (that's 40$ approx.).
By the way, the latest issue (no.35) is large. Swifty's cover is brilliant.
One of the best so far. Check out Courtney Pine's haircut.

On Mon 4 Mar 1996 10:39 Soul Jazz wrote:
>You can find this sort of info on the web page ...

Yes, but the address has changed. The new address is:
Straight No Chaser Subs, 6 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU.

On Mon 4 Mar 1996 09:25 Dana Cobbs wrote:
>Im trying to find the following:
>Cunnie Williams ...

His debut lp/cd was released in 1993 on the German Yo Mama label. The second
album will be released soon.
address: Yo Mama, Lerchenstrasse 76, 22767 Hamburg.
phone: (49)-40-4303655

On Tue 5 Mar 1996 21:22 Bill Dwyer quoted Heinrich Sommer:
>But I've always said jazz is dangerous music. Our
>musicians can't control themselves when they play it. They move and rock
>back and forth, creating chaos. If I had my way, American Dixieland
>would be outlawed in Germany. I've been directing bands for 30 years
>and I've never heard of anyone dying while playing a German march.

Me neither. By the way, latest German research reveals that listening
to Barry Manilow may cause severe brain damage.