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Thu, 7 Mar 1996 07:58:13 -0600

I guess I tend to agree with the probable outcome of having the list
address getting posted. I think it might do well to have a newsgroup,
though as a companion, not a sister to this list. I think it will be
difficult to keep the list address being posted . We already get tons of
mail. I don't think we want to be wading through even more.

However, in concept I don't disagree with the newsgroup. Its just that I
think we may lose some valued comments from the people who leave as a
result of receiving too much mail (when they're paying for it). We'd
probably just try to find another list to get the same info.

I don't want to dicourage a newsgroup, I would have enjoyed reading through
it when I was looking for this list initially, but I think it may be
spoiled if there are ton's of others coming in. If there is way to manage
this, or if others have had experience with other lists that are contrary
to this opinion. Experience rules...

These are just my initial reaction to Jay's comments. Perhaps those who
may jump the list because of too much mail may have a word to contribute...

peace all,


>Having been on this group for a few years now and watching many
>discussions, I remember from earlier days some *significant* negative
>sentiment to setting up an acid jazz newsgroup. Personally, I don't care
>all that much, except for the effects it may have on this list. If the
>address of our list gets posted to the newsgroup (which it will), we will
>see an influx of people that might ultimately overwhelm and provoke
>negative reaction from the members....
I totally admit that this is just as likely to occur as no effect, I surely
can't predict the future. I guess I just had to let off a little steam, as
well as voice the sentiment that was expressed on this list
before.....also, if any discussion does happen on this topic, I am
interested to know whether or not it would make sense to post a message to
that alt.config address stating the above. I wonder whether or not it's
valid, so I therefore guess my real appeal is to, being
that you reconsider your attempt to start the newsgroup.....

Jay B

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