RE: Allstars tonight/list member meeting?

Fischbarg, Victor (
Thu, 07 Mar 96 10:39:00 EST

I can't decide whether to go tonight or next Thursday at Tramps...I'm
leaning towards next week but don't let me keep any of you...NY list members
what's the 411?
Victor E.
From: list-relay
To: acid-jazz
Cc: lo-ki
Subject: Allstars tonight/list member meeting?
Date: Thursday, March 07, 1996 6:26AM

I've been really busy at work this week so I haven't been keeping up with my
mail, but are there any plans for list members to meet at the Greyboy
Allstars show tonight? I'd really like to hook up with you if there are.
Please let me know, thanks,