Re: Re: Fila Brazillia on Pork compilation

Peter Wang (
07 Mar 1996 23:30:48 GMT

Steve Eisner wrote:

... on the other hand, it
has the essential "A Zed And Two L's" which I guess I'd compare to K&D's
"Deep Shit pt1&2". (PS Pick up Bambi's mixtape for what I consider the
perfect leadout from Z&2L's into another track!)


absolutely!! i just received a copy of bambi's mixtape (via J.Brancazio,
thanks!) and was told that the cut with the head noddin' bassline is A Zed
and Two L's by FB. i've also heard K&D's Deep Shit only once (a friend's
copy) and thought that that was THE SHIT -- so naturally when Steve drew a
parallel between the two, it struck a chord in me. anybody got other
recommendations along these lines???

peace + dub,


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