Re: Florida!!!!!

William Jon Curtis (
08 Mar 96 19:16:41 EST

To help Jason out for his Florida trip (and I suppose to update others on what's
going on here):

Firstly, as far as Gainesville goes, I'm not really sure. The fun Full Circle
club is no more, but a downtown club called Simon's has events on weekends that
put AJ DJs (Sean Fergusson + DJ Dru, I believe) on the roof. Worth checking out.
There's a jazz festival happening in Gainesville that Sam Rivers is playing at,
but I'm not sure if that's next week.

Orlando is club city, with club events going on every single friggin night of
the week. The nights that may interest you are these (and they are all
downtown): MONDAY The Big Payback at Renaissance... features DJ BMF + guests
spinning classic funk, 100% funk, and nothing else. TUESDAY the bomb night- Phat
N Jazzy at the Sapphire Supper Club. DJ BMF + guests (occasionally me) spinning
future jazzistic sounds. This night gets really packed and hopping. Live
instrumentalists play along with the DJ at points as well. This is a MUST if you
want to check the scene in central Florida. THURSDAY Maximum Sound! Brand new
jungle/drum n bass night features Jeffee (from Junglized magazine) and, uh,
Q-Burn's Abstract Message (flown in from the AJ list). This happens at
Barbarella, Phat N Jazzy's old haunt. SUNDAY St Patrick's Day only...
Rennaisance hosts the Triple Double party which features a slew of local DJs
playing downtempo beathead madness. One of these DJs is, uh, Q-Burn's Abstract
Message (famous self promoter). You need an invitation to get into this party,
but you can easily get one (or more) at Bad Mood Records.

There are a skazillion more dance club nights that deal with progressive house
and such... e-mail me if you need details on these.

As far as shops go, it depends what you're looking for. I honestly have to say
that BAD MOOD RECORDS is the only store in town that majors in AJ, experimental
hip hop, drum n bass, and IDM on CD and vinyl. Plus you have the added bonus of
verbally abusing Mr. Q-Burns or DJ BMF as they work behind the counter. If you
are looking to score some thrift vinyl, you're in luck... Orlando is a bevy of
this stuff. Other stores that sell dance vinyl are VINYL FRONTIER, UNDERGROUND
RECORD SOURCE, and THE DROP SHOP. Also check out PROPS and STRONGARM 47, both
downtown, for some cool jazzy threads.

There you go... hope all this helps. E-mail me privately if you need more info
or call at Bad Mood Records (# below). PEACE!

(407) 246-0072